Lauren DeRusha

Campaign Director @llderusha
Pronouns: she/her/hers

In her role directing the water campaign, Lauren takes on the bottled water and private water industries. Working closely with our organizers, members, allies, and elected officials across the country, she helps wins victories for public water, even when success seems impossible.

Her recounting of a milestone in the water campaign sums up the campaign’s decisive, collaborative, and ambitious approach:

“I am most proud of the initiative we won in 2016 to stop a Wisconsin state-level bill that would have opened the floodgates to water privatization. When we found out about the bill in early 2016, it looked like a done deal: the deck was stacked in favor of the private water industry. But together with a fast-acting, powerhouse coalition of Wisconsin groups, we mobilized thousands of people to use their voices to stand up to the private water industry’s lobbying. And, against all odds, we defeated that bill.”

Protecting water as a common good has always been a passion for Lauren. In college, she volunteered as a regional student organizer for Corporate Accountability’s campaign to move college campuses to be bottled-water-free. After graduating, she traveled to Cuenca, Ecuador as a researcher on a Fulbright fellowship, where she carried out a research project on Cuenca’s public water system and related water justice issues.

When she is not challenging the private water industry, Lauren spends her time singing a cappella and dancing Cuban Salsa.

Lauren speaks Spanish and English.



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