Hundreds of climate justice leaders speak out fossil fuel industry influence at climate talks with recent COP28 appointment.

Rachel Rose Jackson, Director: Climate Research & Policy, Corporate Accountability on the appointment of oil industry executive Sultan Al Jaber ...

La société civile exhorte tous les gouvernements à éviter tout "partenariat" futur avec Big Tobacco.

Las organizaciones de la sociedad civil aplauden el retiro de la gignate tabacalera Philip Morris de Medicago Inc., la cual se constituía como la principal colaboración económica de vacunas contra la COVID-19 de Canadá.

Civil society urges all governments to avoid future “partnerships” with Big Tobacco,

“Until the UNFCCC adopts strong safeguards against these corporate sponsorships, the flooding of the space with fossil fuel lobbyists, industry propaganda, and the annual greenwashing extravaganza around such COPs, the progress inside will be deeply limited, highly coopted, and dangerously absent.”