Real climate action begins with Biden committing to a 195% emissions reductions overall and 70% emissions reduction at home, without use of offsets.

"Veolia's plan to dominate public water services all across the globe is becoming a terrifying reality."

People will fight every step of the way to not only prevent the consolidated corporate control of water, but also for a future where access to water is guaranteed -- not bought and sold

Statements March 31, 2021

Wednesday, March 31 is the International Energy Agency – COP26 Net Zero summit. The summit is billed to be a ...

In order to Build Back Better, Biden must reject industry-driven schemes like net zero and "public-private partnerships" and instead prioritize direct, equitable federal investment in our infrastructure.

Originally published for Gizmodo by Brian Kahn. The NFT space has a ballooning carbon problem. But rather than address emissions head-on, ...