Ari Rubenstein

Deputy Communications Director

You could say an acute case of cognitive dissonance was responsible for Ari’s calling to challenge corporate power.

“When I first learned about climate change,” he explains, “I was overwhelmed by how the solutions I was seeing around me seemed wholly incommensurate to the crisis at hand. My gut told me that driving a hybrid, bringing a reusable shopping bag to the grocery store, or changing lightbulbs was not going to get us out of the crisis we are facing.”

Digging deeper, he came to understand that such “solutions” are marketed to us by corporations with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. And he realized that to truly make an impact on the issues he cared most about, he needed to get to the root of the issue: corporate power.

That discovery eventually led him Corporate Accountability, where he joined as campaigns administrator in 2013. Today he helps direct the organization’s strategic communications, bringing a particular focus to crafting messages and telling stories that embolden people to tap into their own power as agents of change.

He believes we all can participate in changing the world by how we pass on stories, messages, and  ideas. “Something that feels impossible can become reality if enough people spur each other on to believe in it,” he says. “Each day, I bear witness to tiny interpersonal acts of social change communications — an organizer talking on the phone to a member, a Twitter maven retweeting a post, or an activist carrying a banner with a powerful message at a rally.”

Prior to joining staff, Ari worked as a Green Corps organizer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies from Brown University.

When not deep in communications work, Ari can be found baking bread, gracefully navigating aerial silks, or crossing the Atlantic on a replica of the Titanic (about which he knows pretty much everything there is to know).

Ari speaks Spanish and English.