The front cover of Spotlight, Corporate Accountability’s newsletter.
Newsletters and special updates November 16, 2018

Articles include: Members of Congress call for public water in Lagos; Member Spotlight: Dr. Christine Runnels; You win huge victory for public health; You expose corporate capture of the UN climate treaty, and more...

Corporate Accountability newsletter, Issue 2 2018
Newsletters and special updates August 17, 2018

Articles include: Victory for democratic control of water; Choosing hope; You expose Philip Morris' phony foundation; Member spotlight: Margaret Hornick, and more!

Factsheets July 19, 2018

Members of the Congressional Black and Progressive Caucuses stand in solidarity with Our Water, Our Right coalition in Nigeria in protecting water systems from privatization.

Factsheets June 8, 2018

As federal investment in our water systems has declined precipitously, corporations like Veolia and Suez have marketed water privatization, including in the form of "public-private partnerships," as a solution to cities' water woes. But case after case shows that privatizing public water is risky business for mayors, city governments, and residents.  

Water fountain. Credit: Max Pixel
Action toolkits April 9, 2018

Organize your community and local public officials to challenge Trump's pro-privatization infrastructure agenda. Join the campaign. Photo: Max Pixel    

Veronica Nwanya, an organizer with our longtime ally Environmental Rights Action, leads a women’s march for water justice in Lagos, Nigeria, as part of our joint campaign for a strong, public water system in the city. CREDIT: Environmental Rights Action
Factsheets March 27, 2018

Water belongs to us all, and everyone should have access to clean, safe water. Our water campaign challenges transnational corporations like Nestlé and Veolia that are driving and deepening the global water crisis.