On Friday, the world’s largest private water corporations Veolia and Suez signed an agreement to move forward on a merger. ...

"Veolia's plan to dominate public water services all across the globe is becoming a terrifying reality."

People will fight every step of the way to not only prevent the consolidated corporate control of water, but also for a future where access to water is guaranteed -- not bought and sold

In order to Build Back Better, Biden must reject industry-driven schemes like net zero and "public-private partnerships" and instead prioritize direct, equitable federal investment in our infrastructure.

Statements March 17, 2021

For upwards of four weeks, residents in Jackson, Mississippi have not had access to safe water. This water crisis is a result of decades of racist policies, a lack of federal investment in infrastructure, and an uncommon weather event that is becoming increasingly frequent due to the global climate crisis.

Thirst for Justice

Leana Hosea is the Director of ‘Thirst For Justice’ a new documentary film that connects the struggle for clean water in Flint and Standing Rock, through the women fighting for justice. She connects her film to the newly introduced WATER Act in this guest blog post.