November 12, 2021

Victory! We and our allies keep water privatization out of historic infrastructure bill!

People hold signs demanding an end to water shutoffs during and after the pandemic.

The central demand of our U.S. water campaign has always been clear: that the federal government must reinvest in our water systems – and reject the privatization schemes of transnational corporations. And finally, after years of organizing with hundreds of organizations, it will.

Last summer, when we and our allies caught wind of potential water privatization provisions in President Biden’s landmark federal infrastructure bill, we sprung into action to make sure that these plans were rejected.

From holding call-in days and delivering petitions to recommending changes to drafts of the bill, we lobbied dozens of lawmakers alongside community leaders from the People’s Water Project. And despite attempts by the private water industry to influence this bill, we succeeded in keeping all water privatization proposals out of the final legislation!

With the bill being signed into law, we’ll continue to push for the public water funds to be allocated to and prioritized for the communities that have been historically denied these resources, particularly Indigenous, rural, and low-income communities and communities of color. And we’ll also keep pushing for bold federal climate policy– an area where this bill fell drastically short of what we need.

Still, it’s hard to overstate how big of a deal this victory is. For many years, we’ve worked with cities, communities, and allies across the country to reject water privatization schemes and pushed back on corporate attempts to position privatization as a viable solution to water challenges.

Now, billions of dollars will be spent on upgrading water infrastructure around the country, rather than lining the pockets of the private water industry. And at its core, this is what Corporate Accountability’s water campaign is all about!

Photo credit: Food & Water Watch

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