American Federation of Teachers event in Pittsburgh

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) rejected all forms of junk food fundraisers in schools – a historic step challenging the transnational corporations at the rotten core of our food system.

With the support of people like you from around the world, 180+ countries at the U.N. just took bold, precedent-setting steps forward to kick Big Tobacco out of public health policy -- and pave the way to make the industry pay for its abuses worldwide. Read more.

Lauren DeRusha Corporate Accountability at Baltimore water privatization rally.

All the fearless organizing by people challenging Veolia, the world’s largest water privatization corporation, has paid off in a big way: Veolia has been forced to abandon a flagship strategy for pursuing water privatization in U.S. cities.

Corporate Accountability Organizer Alissa Weinman, alongside allies in the community, demands the Pittsburgh water system stay public.

With members and allies, we’re preventing the privatization of Pittsburgh’s public water system.

In a huge victory for public health, McDonald’s and the Olympics ended their sponsorship deal three years early -- following years of broad and escalating resistance by the parents, health professionals, and sports lovers.

When Trump was elected, we knew his oily agenda threatened to derail climate progress around the world — and that we had a role to play in showing that people from all walks of life in the U.S. care about climate change and are demanding action.