Pittsburgh has joined the ranks of cities and towns who are leading the way when it comes to advancing the human right to water. Following three years of local and national campaigning to keep Pittsburgh’s water system in public hands, the city and the water authority signed a binding agreement to do just that.

Boston has taken a critical step forward to rebuild our broken food system and advance food justice across the city -- as City Council unanimously voted in favor of the Good Food Purchasing Policy.

American Federation of Teachers event in Pittsburgh

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) rejected all forms of junk food fundraisers in schools – a historic step challenging the transnational corporations at the rotten core of our food system.

At the annual U.N. climate treaty negotiations, Big Polluters were forced to reckon with a powerful movement they did not expect: the more than a quarter of a million people like you and more than 350 organizations from 129 countries who backed the People’s Demands for Climate Justice.

With the support of people like you from around the world, 180+ countries at the U.N. just took bold, precedent-setting steps forward to kick Big Tobacco out of public health policy -- and pave the way to make the industry pay for its abuses worldwide. Read more.

Lauren DeRusha Corporate Accountability at Baltimore water privatization rally.

All the fearless organizing by people challenging Veolia, the world’s largest water privatization corporation, has paid off in a big way: Veolia has been forced to abandon a flagship strategy for pursuing water privatization in U.S. cities.