March 1, 2022

Exposing Big Polluters’ tricks to the world

Organizer at COP26 leads an action calling out Big Polluters' "net zero" schemes.

Big Polluters rely on positive press and their own greenwashing “net zero” announcements to spin a narrative of success despite their obstruction.

But this year, we saw major shifts in the way people around the world and in the U.S. are responding to the climate crisis – and corporate attempts to bury the truth.

Seizing this momentum, we and our allies collectively advanced exciting developments with our organizing to kick Big Polluters out and make them pay, making it harder for transnational corporations like Shell to portray themselves as the solution to the climate crisis.

All of this organizing came to a head at last fall’s U.N. climate treaty talks – the most inaccessible and inequitable of these negotiations to date. Big Polluters and the Global North governments that continue to prop these corporations up came to the talks hoping that the media would paint them as climate heroes. Instead, we coordinated with our allies to expose their dirty tricks to the world.

Not only did we expose the con behind their “net zero” schemes, we and our allies also revealed that the fossil fuel industry had the largest delegation at the talks. This analysis was first published as a BBC exclusive, and was then picked up by media outlets around the world, reaching more than 2 billion people worldwide!

Developments like this make it crystal clear how important it is to continue securing media coverage that unmasks the truth and shifts the public climate toward polluter accountability.

We will never be able to count the impact of this organizing in numbers alone. Still, this high-profile coverage matters because it makes it harder and harder for Big Polluters to evade scrutiny and accountability for their role in fueling the climate crisis.

By and large, the public climate is not buying into Big Polluter spin. Instead, we are seeing more and more coverage uplifting the voices, concerns, and demands of front-line communities. This is huge!

The demand to make Big Polluters pay is resounding all around the world, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for what you make possible!

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