Big Polluters’ decades of denial and obstruction got us into, and have allowed them to profit mightily from, the climate crisis. Big Polluters should pay for just solutions to mitigate and reverse its effects.

Did you see the news? Soon we could get a much better picture of Exxon’s climate deception. Urge your Attorney General to join the movement to hold Exxon accountable.

Corporate Accountability’s team of international organizers and experts is on the ground at COP24, the U.N. climate change negotiations happening ...

Hundreds call for just climate policy at sit in at the end of COP24.

The U.N. climate treaty meetings failed to deliver the bold guidelines for climate justice the world urgently requires. But a global movement is rising, and we’re cracking open the corporate capture of climate policy.

Thank you for your support over the last few weeks as we organized at the global climate talks. Here's what happened.

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