If we let Big Polluters dictate climate action, the outcome will be a world of catastrophic temperature rise. We can’t let that happen, so we’re putting together a set of demands for real climate action. What are your demands when it comes to solving the climate crisis?

Voting is now open in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame! Take the first step toward holding some of the most abusive corporations accountable for profiting at the expense of people’s lives: vote for the most abusive corporation!

Today The New York Times magazine released a full issue devoted entirely to examining climate science and policy in the U.S., 1979 - 1989 called Losing Earth. It misses the mark -- in some very consequential ways.

The Corporate Hall of Shame results are in! Announcing the most abusive corporation of the year: Koch Industries. Join us and take action. Demand that Koch Industries stop attacking the EPA, spreading climate change denial, and slashing environmental protections. 

Protester holds "Polluters out, people in" poster

Thanks to tens of thousands of people like you, we’re sending a message to ExxonMobil and Chevron as they hold their annual shareholders’ meeting.

In the coming weeks, we'll be organizing around the shareholders’ meetings of corporations like ExxonMobil, and McDonald’s. We need your support to make sure we have the strongest presence possible.