Every year, we pick 10 massively powerful and abusive corporations to appear on our Corporate Hall of Shame ballot. Then we ask you to vote for the worst of the worst, and induct the “winner” into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Add your name to our petition and demand that governments reject net zero plans, hold polluters accountable, and advance real solutions.

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At every step of tobacco’s development in the United States, Black people’s lives and labor have been exploited to enable its growth.

A black and white photo of Malcolm X resting his head against his hand.

On his birthday, we remember and celebrate the life, lessons, and successes of Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz -- his profound impact in shifting how we view systems of racism and oppression, and his advocacy for justice that amends not just inequality but also inequity.

We know systemic racism and corporate power and deeply intertwined. Learn more about our focus areas for supporting Black communities.