On April 22, Big Polluters will roll out a green swath of corporate PR designed to convince us that they are part the solution to the climate crisis. We're not buying it.

2018 is a make-or-break year for the planet. This is the year when global governments are gathering to hammer out exactly how the Paris Agreement of the U.N. climate treaty will be implemented. These rules have lifesaving potential to unlock a sustainable future for us all. Or they will give Big Polluters free rein to keep polluting and interfering in climate policy.

There's a bill to help privatize water in Massachusetts -- again. You can stop it. Call your state legislators today.

Water dam over a bridge

Trump’s #InfrastructureScam threatens to undermine our democracy, exacerbate racial and economic inequities, and open the floodgates for privatization of our water systems -- our most essential public resource.

Lauren DeRusha Corporate Accountability at Baltimore water privatization rally.

All the fearless organizing by people challenging Veolia, the world’s largest water privatization corporation, has paid off in a big way: Veolia has been forced to abandon a flagship strategy for pursuing water privatization in U.S. cities.

Protect our rights online

Corporations can control what you see on the internet. Urge your mayor to protect a fair and open internet.