Tax forms and cash

As this tax season comes to a close, it’s clear that corporations and the ultra-wealthy were the ones that made out the best under the Trump Administration’s 2017 tax cut. And that’s not surprising, given the enormous pressure they put on our elected officials to pass it. It’s time to hold corporations accountable for rigging the system.

The Trump administration's trade deal with Mexico and Canada could lock in higher drug prices. Act now and demand no handouts for Big Pharma in NAFTA 2.0.

Boston has taken a critical step forward to rebuild our broken food system and advance food justice across the city -- as City Council unanimously voted in favor of the Good Food Purchasing Policy.

Big Polluters are looking to expand offshore oil drilling, and Trump’s Department of the Interior is trying to let them. Speak out to oppose this dangerous move.

Catherine Jampel, member of Corporate Accountability.
Member spotlight March 11, 2019

Member Catherine Jampel speaks about how supporting Corporate Accountability allows her to live out the Jewish values of “repairing the world."

Convention hall of global tobacco treaty talks 2018

The global tobacco treaty presented a tool and precedent to hold corporations accountable for their abuses. Here’s why this concept is critical to meaningfully address the climate crisis.