American Federation of Teachers event in Pittsburgh

We're speaking truth to power at McDonald's shareholders' meeting. Join us to build a more just food system.

You can help build the movement to hold the fossil fuel industry liable for its decades of deception. Call your attorney general today.

Exxon’s known for half a century that burning fossil fuels could fuel disastrous climate change. And instead of shifting course, it invested in climate denial, deception, and obstruction -- which continue to this day. Urge your state attorney general to investigate Exxon’s climate deception -- an essential first step toward implementing the just climate solutions we need.

Private prisons

The GEO Group’s egregious track record –from exploiting captive labor to failing to respond to people’s medical needs make it a natural fit for the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Cigarette smoke

In 2017, Philip Morris International launched a new foundation, called the “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.” A “smoke-free” veil can’t hide that Big Tobacco is still the same industry… one that’s determined to addict a whole new generation of people to its new generation of products. You can help shut down PMI’s latest PR scheme , and make it pay for the harms it’s caused.

Today, people from Flint are marching for justice and accountability in Michigan’s capital. Join with them in solidarity by making a gift to Flint Rising.