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With the support of people like you from around the world, 180+ countries at the U.N. just took bold, precedent-setting steps forward to kick Big Tobacco out of public health policy -- and pave the way to make the industry pay for its abuses worldwide. Read more.

By AFP. A meeting on a global tobacco control treaty opened in Geneva Monday, with organisers scrambling to keep cigarette ...

Michél Legendre, associate campaign director, talks through the importance of protecting COPs from tobacco industry interference through Article 5.3.

Agbonkhese Oboh for Vanguard. Nigeria and the 180 other countries meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, for the Eighth Conference of the ...

Right now, governments are gathering for this year’s global tobacco treaty negotiations. I’m on the ground with a team organizing to keep Big Tobacco from undermining public health protections. Will you have our backs?

Corporate Hall of Shame nominee Philip Morris International

A woman undergoes 35 rounds of radiation after finding a growth inside her mouth, and loses all of her teeth. ...

Aprovechando el poder de los regímenes legales de responsabilidad para que las Grandes Tabacaleras respondan.

Obliger les géants du tabac à rendre des comptes en s’appuyant sur le principe de responsabilité.

Corporate Accountability at World Health Organization negotiations.

Les géants du tabac constituent la plus grande menace pour la mise en œuvre de la CCLAT.

Corporate Accountability at World Health Organization negotiations.

Las Grandes Tabacaleras son la mayor amenaza para la implementación del CMCT.