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Every year, we pick 10 massively powerful and abusive corporations to appear on our Corporate Hall of Shame ballot. Then we ask you to vote for the worst of the worst, and induct the “winner” into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

You made sure powerful corporate executives heard your voice. Take the next steps with us.

At every step of tobacco’s development in the United States, Black people’s lives and labor have been exploited to enable its growth.

We know systemic racism and corporate power and deeply intertwined. Learn more about our focus areas for supporting Black communities.

Mary Vance, Senior Campaign Coordinator Hello, my name is Mary Vance and my question is about the Foundation for a ...

Cigarette butts

Learn more about PMI's attempts to infiltrate scientific journals and create a rosy outlook for its new generation of tobacco products.

Tomorrow, the Biden Administration may announce a ban on all menthol products, in line with an April 29th deadline imposed ...

Tobacco Campaign Director Michél Legendre on how Big Tobacco's has targeted Black communities for generations.

Learn more about how together, we've reined in corporate power in the latest issue of the Spotlight newsletter. 

Yesterday, the Biden administration signed an executive order directing the government to rejoin the World Health Organization, overturning the Trump ...

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