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By Andrew Jacobs in The New York Times More than half the members of a panel considering changes to the ...

Cover of report: Dietary Guidelines for Corporate America

This media brief takes a detailed look at how every stage of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) process and imminent release of new 2020-2025 DGA has been subject to undue industry influence that can jeopardize the health of all Americans, especially Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) – during both a pandemic and the mounting diet-related disease crisis.

The barbaric murders of Black people have again risen to national attention, although this has been a relentless and centuries-long ...

At McDonald’s 2020 virtual shareholders’ meeting, Terrence Wise of Fight for $15 attempted to defend a resolution. However, he was ...

ILSI report cover

We demanded executives from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo answer for their abuses at their annual corporate Shareholders Meetings.

Please see the statement below, presented at the PepsiCo annual shareholders’ meeting on May 6, 2020, by Dr. Yolandra Hancock ...

Ray Rogers’ Statement Introducing Harrington Investments’ Shareholder Proposal on Sugar and Public Health & Coronavirus Concerns at The Coca-Cola Company’s ...

Patti Lynn, ED of Corporate Accountability, protesting at the Youth Climate Strikes in Boston, holding sign reading "Polluters out, people in"

The shock of this moment provides an opportunity for all of us to rethink and reimagine the kind of world we all deserve to live in—and how best to achieve it. Corporate Accountability and our allies are stepping into this moment to move toward this world by doing what we do best: corporate campaigning.

Investors demand Coke stops interfering in policy, funding junk science ATLANTA, GA—On the eve of Coke’s first-ever all-virtual annual meeting, ...

ILSI report cover

This report dives into how these corporations have leveraged the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) to cripple progress on nutrition policy across the globe. 

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