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Corporate Accountability demands that WHO protect public health policymaking from the private sector and all associated entities.

By Eric Spencer in CommonWealth Magazine IN MOVING TESTIMONY at a legislative hearing in October, Western Massachusetts native Marie Billiel ...

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Make your gift to rein in corporate power by December 31 and DOUBLE your impact!

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Enbridge is abandoning the old line and installing a larger pipe in a new corridor with an even dirtier fossil fuel: tar sands.

Every year, we pick 10 massively powerful and abusive corporations to appear on our Corporate Hall of Shame ballot. Then we ask you to vote for the worst of the worst, and induct the “winner” into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

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Together, we're advancing bold solutions to address the climate crisis, exposing Big Tobacco's dangerous PR schemes, and more.

You made sure powerful corporate executives heard your voice. Take the next steps with us.

In response to McDonalds’ shareholders’ meeting today, Research Director Ashka Naik said: “The movement demanding McDonald’s change its practices grows ...

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