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Alejandro Calvillo, Executive Director of the Mexican NGO El Poder del Consumidor, addresses Coca-Cola's lack of transparency at the Corporation's shareholder's meeting.

Investors ask food and beverage corporations to disclose detailed data on political contributions, lobbying expenditures, charitable giving, and scientific funding.

Download PDF to see a snapshot of the political activity of the biggest food corporations in a multi-dimensional manner.

We deserve to know what corporations spend to influence public policy and politics. Add your name as we demand Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and McDonald’s disclose their political activities and spending.

Frances Moore Lappé, best-selling author, just released the 50th anniversary edition of “Diet for a Small Planet.”

Organizer at COP26 leads an action calling out Big Polluters' "net zero" schemes.

Learn more about the many campaign milestones that your support has made possible in the past few months.

As we move forward from the U.N. Food Systems Summit, a robust corporate accountability framework for global food policy is critical.

Corporate Accountability demands that WHO protect public health policymaking from the private sector and all associated entities.

By Eric Spencer in CommonWealth Magazine IN MOVING TESTIMONY at a legislative hearing in October, Western Massachusetts native Marie Billiel ...

Annual report 2021 Corporate Accountability

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