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New study shows that the tobacco industry’s efforts to preempt local public health policy with state laws has delayed the public health protections we enjoy today by an average of more than 10 years.

Your next chocolate bar may have been produced with child labor. Take action now to demand that Hershey, Nestlé, and Mars stop this exploitative practice immediately!

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The Trump administration is trying to cut SNAP benefits! Don’t let it. Take action now and add your name.

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Read what you’ve made possible this spring, from sending a powerhouse team to organize at June’s U.N. climate treaty negotiations ...

By Peter Bolton for The Canary. Fast food restaurant McDonald’s has long come under attack from anti-globalization campaigners for its homogenizing effect on global ...

By Nadra Nittle for Civil Eats. Buying locally really can make a difference. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) ...

Corporate Accountability staff and allies call out Coke’s abuses at its annual shareholders’ meeting.

When Big Food and Big Soda corporations try to wow their shareholders, Corporate Accountability shows up to expose the disturbing truth behind the alluring brands. Read the run-down from this year’s shareholders’ meeting actions.

My name is Alexa Kaczmarski with Corporate Accountability, presenting Proposal 5 — Shareholder Right to Act by Written Consent sponsored ...