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INTERNATIONAL – Une coalition mondiale a publié ce jour une « feuille de route pour la responsabilisation ». Premier en ...

WORLDWIDE – Today, a global coalition released a “liability roadmap”: a first-of-its-kind tool outlining how local to global decision-makers, including ...

English Global coalition releases liability “roadmap” for governments to Make Big Polluters Pay WORLDWIDE – Today, a global coalition released ...

WASHINGTON — Dozens of organizations representing millions of people across the United States called on Congress today to urgently pass ...

We need relief for the people!

Dozens of organizations representing millions of people across the U.S. are calling on Congress to pass COVID-19 relief for the people.

Protest for Black Lives Matter, demanding that governments defund the police and support Black communities.

From uplifting the Movement 4 Black Lives’ demand to defund the police, to protecting people’s right to water during and after the pandemic – here’s how you’ve stepped up to challenge corporate abuse and systemic racism.

You are an integral part of powering campaigns that challenge corporate power and build a just future where everyone can thrive! Here’s how.

Originally published on Medium Across the world, government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted deep and long-standing systemic inequalities ...

Who will you vote for in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame? We’ve picked 10 abusive corporations. You tell us which is the worst of the worst.

The Senate wants to proactively protect corporations that are complicit in spreading COVID-19. Tell the Senate to reject any corporate immunity deal!

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