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Here’s some of how we at Corporate Accountability are caring for ourselves, each other, and the global community: We are working remotely and we are not traveling. We are showing up as we are; we are supporting each other across distance, leaning in to love rather than fear. We are connecting with each other, our allies, and our board digitally, exploring new ways to meet and organize so that we can contribute to the transformational change our world greatly needs, in solidarity with a broader movement for justice and liberation. We are staying grounded in our vision of a beautiful world where all people and living creatures can thrive.

Slick corporate PR just won’t cut it anymore: By publicly exposing the truth, you are shifting public opinion on the urgent need to check corporate power and reclaim our democracy.

Organizers at the UNFCCC climate negotiations holding signs.

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We need people like you raising your voices and demanding systems and policies that will ensure that corporations can’t abuse people and the planet without facing real consequences. And this month, you took action to bring us closer to that reality.

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The Trump administration is trying to cut SNAP benefits! Don’t let it. Take action now and add your name.

By Sharon Zhang for Truthout.  What’s climate change to a senatorial non-believer? The new Senate Climate Solutions Caucus might soon ...

By Patti Lynn/Corporate Accountability for AlterNet As the impeachment of Donald Trump marches forward, it’s important to keep in mind ...

Trump seems to be using the presidency to line his own pockets. Take action and demand that Congress investigate.

Illustration of woman organizer, holding a mega phone and a clipboard, about to walk down a path to victory.

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