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Investors at the PepsiCo annual shareholders' meeting demand that the corporation fully disclose its political spending globally.

Paula Johns, Co-founder and Director of ACT Health Promotion, speaks truth to power at the PepsiCo shareholders meeting.

Soda giant facing new revelations of attempted political influence in Mexico Despite professed commitment to transparency, corporation failing to disclose ...

Sociedad civil pide equidad, transparencia y rendición de cuentas durante las audiencias públicas GINEBRA, SUIZA—Se están llevando a cabo audiencias ...

There’s a growing movement of Starbucks workers organizing for a union. The corporation is pulling out all the dirty tricks to stop it. Stand with workers and demand a stop to Starbucks’ union-busting!

Frances Moore Lappé, best-selling author, just released the 50th anniversary edition of “Diet for a Small Planet.”

Organizer at COP26 leads an action calling out Big Polluters' "net zero" schemes.

Learn more about the many campaign milestones that your support has made possible in the past few months.

Greedy corporations and the wealthy few who control them are raking in money and influence while the rest of us suffer. You can make a difference right now and every month to hold greedy corporations accountable.

You are an integral part of powering campaigns that challenge corporate power and building a just future where everyone can thrive! Here’s how.

The success and profit of transnational corporations cannot be separated from systemic, historic, and specifically anti-Black, racism.