Challenge corporate greed every month!

Challenge corporate greed every month!

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Corporate power is out of control. You can help rein it in. Donate now to our matching gift challenge and double your impact!

Nana Addae is a first-generation Ghanaian-American from Frisco, Texas and student at Emmanuel College. Read how the cycles of history give him hope.

Stand for corporate accountability

In the face of enormous and entrenched power, here’s how people across the country moved the dial in the midterm elections toward a more democratic and compassionate government wrested free of corporate control.

The next milestone isn’t 2020 -- it’s tomorrow. Today, we reflect on this progress. And tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves to continue to build a more just, equitable democracy.

People, not Big Polluters, must decide the fate of our planet. With people like you and dozens of climate-justice organizations from around the globe, we’ve developed a set of collective demands to reflect people’s voices and put forth a clear path to addressing the climate crisis. Add your name.

We’re facing a coordinated attack on people’s right to vote which will allow transnational corporations to further distort democracy for their own gain. Take action today, on National Voter Registration Day.

Corporations like UPS, AT&T and Comcast are supporting bigotry and hate through ALEC. Speak out and demand they stop!

We the people sign in DC

It takes courage to face this world with clear eyes and open hearts. Executive Director Patti Lynn on how together, acting from a place of courage, we are building the kind of democracy that achieves true justice.

We the people sign in DC

To achieve true justice, we must shift the power structures that have given corporations free rein over government policy. Reflections from Patti Lynn, executive director.

If we let Big Polluters dictate climate action, the outcome will be a world of catastrophic temperature rise. We can’t let that happen, so we’re putting together a set of demands for real climate action. What are your demands when it comes to solving the climate crisis?