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Protect our rights online

Corporations can control what you see on the internet. Urge your mayor to protect a fair and open internet.

Remembering filmmaker Debra "Chas" Chasnoff and her impact on the anti-nuclear weapons movement.

César Chávez, leader in the labor and civil rights movement, would have been 91 today. We carry with us his tried-and-true method of organizing.

Senior Program Director Shayda Naficy speaks to the press in Lagos, Nigeria about how corporations that privatize water undermine the human right to water. CREDIT: Babawale Obayanju

No corporation should escape justice because of its wealth and power. In partnership with our allies, we are organizing to ensure this treaty effectively protects human rights from corporate abuse and holds corporations accountable.

The Rebel Girl

This Women's History Month, we celebrate young women activists and revolutionaries, some no longer with us, some very much living and changing the world. Across the generations, we see women boldly making history by refusing to be silent in the face of injustice.

We cannot allow one more child to be shot or killed at school. That’s the mission behind Saturday’s nationwide march, the March For Our Lives, ...

BOSTON — Today, President Trump announced via Twitter that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been fired and that C.I.A. ...

Donald Trump’s proposed budget is a disgrace. To pay for his tax scam, which benefits corporations and the wealthy few, he wants to gut critical services millions of people rely on every day. Let’s make sure this brutal budget doesn’t become law.

Corporate Accountability’s International Policy Director Tamar Lawrence-Samuel and Walter Schuldt, chief U.N. negotiator for Ecuador and head of the G77, strategize at the 2016 U.N. climate negotiations.

Disempowering myths about social change are everywhere. We must counter them by demonstrating the empowering truth of how social change really happens.

: Corporate Accountability’s International Policy Director, Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, and Godwin Ojo, co-founder and programmes director of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, Nigeria, march together during the 2016 U.N. climate change treaty meetings in Marrakech, Morocco.

Corporate Accountability activates people power to challenge and change destructive corporations at every level -- from local communities to international democratic institutions. Here’s how you can get involved.