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Vital U.N. climate treaty negotiations have kicked off in Madrid. Follow our on-the-ground journal to see how we and our allies are challenging Big Polluters, and changing business as usual.

By Sharon Zhang for Truthout.  What’s climate change to a senatorial non-believer? The new Senate Climate Solutions Caucus might soon ...

Big Polluters and their industry groups will be pushing dangerous corporate schemes at the UN climate talks in Madrid. Take action and demand real climate solutions.

Two people at a climate protest holding signs: “Polluters Out, People In” and “Make them pay for deceiving the public.”

As lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry take hold, it’s worth looking back at how 46 states ended up filing cases against Big Tobacco—and how you can take action to make this moment count.

Illustration of woman organizer, holding a mega phone and a clipboard, about to walk down a path to victory.

Your support is helping spur deep, transformative change. Read more about what you made possible this year with Corporate Accountability.

Together with you, Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet. Read about what you've accomplished this month.

Today marks the closing arguments of the People of the State of New York v. Exxon Mobil trial. Across the ...

Jessie Bluedorn corporate accountability member and activist

Member and activist Jessie Bluedorn on what motivates her about Corporate Accountability's climate work.

Today, President Trump is expected to notify the United Nations of his intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Please see below for a statement from Corporate Accountability Climate Campaign Director Sriram Madhusoodanan. 

For decades, Exxon has known its business practices were driving climate change and instead of sounding the alarm, it used ...