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Exxon's plan to reach 'net zero' makes a mockery of the lives at stake, and is a reminder of why we must hold Big Polluters liable.

Take a look at the impact you have had over the last year, then read even more in our annual report.

Why we must expose corporate falsehoods and create new, compelling narratives grounded in truth in order to build a world where all people can thrive.

From pushing back against water privatization in Africa to exposing the racist roots of Big Tobacco, learn more about what you made possible.

Andy Bartholomew

We sat down with Andy Bartholomew, software engineer based in L.A., to chat about what brings him to the movement to stop corporate abuse.

At most every climate conference, including this year’s in Glasgow, world leaders talk a big game, but then fail to deliver a final agreement that can actually ward off catastrophic levels of global warming.

What really happened at COP26? Organizers from Latin America and Africa share their perspective on what happened and where we go from here.

(Español abajo) GLASGOW — On the last scheduled day of COP26, against the backdrop of civil society protests and unmitigated ...

From the U.N. climate negotiations to communities all over the world, people demand governments to stand with people, not polluters.

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