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According to reports, the UNFCCC Bureau just decided to postpone the Bonn intersessional meetings from June to October and moved ...

Big Polluters like the fossil fuel industry and the aviation industry are instead trying to cash in on Congress’ emergency relief legislation. This is outrageous.

As we all do our part to respond to the coronavirus, we know corporations and the rich and powerful will attempt to use this crisis for their own profit. Together we will make sure they don't get away with it.

Corporate Accountability organizer speaking truth to power at the PMI shareholders' meeting

Whenever and however they happen, corporate shareholders' meetings are a tremendous opportunity for the campaigns we wage -- because on the most important day of the year for massive corporations, we get to speak truth directly to power.

Here’s some of how we at Corporate Accountability are caring for ourselves, each other, and the global community: We are working remotely and we are not traveling. We are showing up as we are; we are supporting each other across distance, leaning in to love rather than fear. We are connecting with each other, our allies, and our board digitally, exploring new ways to meet and organize so that we can contribute to the transformational change our world greatly needs, in solidarity with a broader movement for justice and liberation. We are staying grounded in our vision of a beautiful world where all people and living creatures can thrive.

Just in this morning: an exciting update on a case in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals between the City ...

Slick corporate PR just won’t cut it anymore: By publicly exposing the truth, you are shifting public opinion on the urgent need to check corporate power and reclaim our democracy.

Organizers at the UNFCCC climate negotiations holding signs.

Read the latest on how you’re building power toward a world where everyone can thrive.

We need people like you raising your voices and demanding systems and policies that will ensure that corporations can’t abuse people and the planet without facing real consequences. And this month, you took action to bring us closer to that reality.

Please see our statement from Sriram Madhusoodanan on today’s lawsuits in California that seek to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable ...