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Handshake w/IETA and UNFCCC cufflinks

Le présent document décrit le contexte dans lequel l’IETA évolue et expose les dangers que son programme pose pour l’avenir de l’Accord de Paris. Ce document décrit également les mesures radicales que les gouvernements présents à la CCNUCC peuvent prendre immédiatement pour repousser l’influence des Grands Pollueurs et mettre en œuvre une politique climatique vraiment juste.

Handshake w/IETA and UNFCCC cufflinks

El manual documenta los antecedentes de IETA y expone los peligros que su agenda plantea para el futuro del Acuerdo de París. También describe los pasos críticos que los gobiernos en la CMNUCC pueden tomar en este momento para rechazar la influencia de los Grandes Contaminadores e implementar políticas climáticas verdaderamente justas.

Handshake w/IETA and UNFCCC cufflinks

This primer documents IETA’s background and exposes the dangers its agenda poses for the future of the Paris Agreement. It also outlines critical steps that governments at the UNFCCC can take right now to reject the influence of Big Polluters and implement truly just climate policy.

On April 22, Big Polluters will roll out a green swath of corporate PR designed to convince us that they are part the solution to the climate crisis. We're not buying it.

2018 is a make-or-break year for the planet. This is the year when global governments are gathering to hammer out exactly how the Paris Agreement of the U.N. climate treaty will be implemented. These rules have lifesaving potential to unlock a sustainable future for us all. Or they will give Big Polluters free rein to keep polluting and interfering in climate policy.

Today, Andrew Wheeler, ex-lobbyist for Murray Energy – the U.S.’s largest underground coal-mining corporation – was confirmed as deputy administrator ...

By Chloe Farand for DeSmog Blog UK. The UN has been called out for acting as a mouthpiece for oil giant Shell ...

Corporate Accountability’s International Policy Director, Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, calls on governments to remove Big Polluters from the policy process during the U.N. climate talks.

Our survival depends on bold climate action now. It’s time Exxon Mobil, the fossil fuel industry, and its proxies pay for the destruction they have caused.

By Kate Aronoff for the Intercept. DEMOCRATS IN WASHINGTON state this winter exploded onto the political scene. In November, an unabashed ...

BOSTON — Today, President Trump announced via Twitter that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been fired and that C.I.A. ...