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By Kate Aronoff for The Intercept Last Wednesday, over 300 demonstrators at COP25 in Madrid — this year’s 14-day U.N. ...

Big Polluters unleashed the full weight of the U.S. and other Global North governments at the latest U.N. climate talks. But their bullying didn’t work, as the climate justice movement became a united force to be reckoned within. Read on.

By every measure, COP25 failed to rise to the challenge of our time. COP25 failed to deliver for people. And ...

We will not stand idly by as Global North governments sell our planet off to the corporate highest bidder and doom millions. We will rise and realize the solutions that our world urgently needs.

**Español abajo** To endorse this statement, sign on here. Before COP25 even began, it was clear that Big Polluters — ...

Yesterday, I stood in a loading doc outside the U.N. climate talks in Madrid, and watched as a huge metal door slowly lowered to lock me and hundreds of other people out. Polluters stayed in. Global North countries are trying to sink the Paris Agreement, on behalf of Big Polluters. Act now to demand climate justice.

UN security block civil society from participating at COP25 - photo by Simon Chambers from ACT Now for Climate Justice

Millions of people took to the streets this year to demand climate action. Led by our youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, ...

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Boston Youth Climate Strike September 2019

The climate crisis is here, right now. Will you donate to support me and my team as we go toe-to-toe with Big Polluters here at the climate talks?

I'm on the ground at the U.N. climate talks. Will you speak out and demand that the EU and other governments stand with people, not with Big Polluters?