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Every year, we pick 10 massively powerful and abusive corporations to appear on our Corporate Hall of Shame ballot. Then we ask you to vote for the worst of the worst, and induct the “winner” into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Add your name to our petition and demand that governments reject net zero plans, hold polluters accountable, and advance real solutions.

Exposé of “net-zero” pledges uncovers insufficient plans and the strategies polluting industries have used to lock in the ineffective schemes.

Cover of report - The Big Con

"Net zero" is part of Big Polluters' continued plan to evade responsibility for the climate crisis and to continue to pollute. 

You made sure powerful corporate executives heard your voice. Take the next steps with us.

We know systemic racism and corporate power and deeply intertwined. Learn more about our focus areas for supporting Black communities.

How holding Big Polluters liable can help shift the larger culture around accountability.

Real climate action begins with Biden committing to a 195% emissions reductions overall and 70% emissions reduction at home, without use of offsets.

It’s time to start repairing the harm caused by decades of U.S. inaction and obstruction on climate policy. Call the White House and demand urgent climate action today

Wednesday, March 31 is the International Energy Agency – COP26 Net Zero summit. The summit is billed to be a ...

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