Julia Gabbert

Senior Campaigns and Development Organizer
Pronouns: she/her/hers

“Society teaches us to be consumers, not citizens, and our success is defined by what we buy. There has to be something more to live for!” declared Julia as a college student.

In her search to help create a society that doesn’t leave so many people behind, Julia found Corporate Accountability in 2011, when she started as an executive assistant. Now, her days are filled with having thoughtful and engaging conversations about social change with our members and supporters. Through these conversations and her fundraising, she helps build the organizational resources needed to run hard-hitting campaigns that create transformative change.

Julia first started understanding the role of corporate power as she learned about food systems. It ignited her anger about systemic injustices, and, being the kind of person who takes action when things aren’t right, she started organizing. She got involved on her campus to change the practices of Boston College’s university dining services, and started educating her classmates about the role of corporations in driving the epidemic of diet-related disease, polluting our water sources, destroying biodiversity, and undermining small farmers.

There was no turning back from there. “Once you see, hear, and experience the role of corporations in one area of life, it’s not hard to see the harmful effects of corporate power in so many aspects of our world,” says Julia. She got her bachelor’s degree in sociology, and has been challenging corporate power ever since. She finds joy and rejuvenation in playing and cuddling with her energetic new puppy.


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