Nick Guroff

Deputy Director: Communications, Foundation Relations @nickguroff

“I’ve always been deeply troubled by consumerist society and specifically the marketing, advertising-as-entertainment, and corporate manipulation that perpetuate it,” says Nick.

It’s what animated his early work as an organizer with National Environmental Trust (now a part of the Pew Environment Group) advancing policy to protect children from toxic chemical exposure.

“I had a ringside seat to the chemical industry’s political spending, lobbying, use of astroturf tactics, and junk-science peddling. The ways that industry attempted to undermine an impressive grassroots mobilization for children’s health still disgust me.”

The experience is ultimately what led him to Corporate Accountability in 2007 to build and grow its communications shop. Today, Nick directs the organization’s communications program and strategy, in addition to building relationships with foundations.

One of his proudest accomplishments at the organization came in 2008 in Durban, South Africa during a negotiation of the WHO’s global tobacco treaty. During that pivotal meeting, Corporate Accountability and our partners won a precedent-setting victory for corporate accountability: a treaty provision barring the tobacco industry from interfering in global tobacco control policy. In collaboration with allies from the Global South, including Philip Jakpor of Environmental Rights Action and current board member Bobby Ramakant, he helped secure global media amplifying the victory.

Nick began his work in advocacy as a field organizer for Green Corps and field manager with MoveOn PAC. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Radio/TV/Film and Slavic Languages and Literature, as well as a master’s in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he received a PBS FRONTLINE/World fellowship. He is an unapologetic baseball fanatic and doting father of two.

Area of expertise for media inquiries:

All campaigns, corporate accountability issues, corporate marketing, and media manipulation.

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