John Stewart

Deputy Campaigns Director @jms255

John came to social change work because he’s a total language nerd and went to Georgetown University to study Spanish and Latin American Studies. “After witnessing the devastating impacts of corporate abuse by transnational mining corporations and U.S. imperialism in the Latin America region, I was furious, but I was also inspired by international campaigns to curb abuses and advance sustainable, community-led alternatives,” he says.

This inspiration led John to Corporate Accountability as an organizer on the water campaign in 2009. Today, John oversees Corporate Accountability’s campaigns on water and tobacco. He ensures the strategic development and impact of Corporate Accountability’s campaigns challenging water privatization, the bottled water industry, and the tobacco industry. He has nearly ten years of experience working with government officials, U.N. representatives, NGOs, and activists across the world on issues like challenging water privatization and commodification, climate justice, and U.N. treaties on human rights and public health.

John is also a passionate donor organizer: he believes strongly in wealth redistribution as core to social change.

Fun fact: John once wrote a college essay about how boring he thought his name was, and how that made him want to be more interesting. Then, the Daily Show happened.

John speaks Spanish and English.

Areas of expertise for media inquiries:

Water privatization, public water solutions, bottled water industry, Big Tobacco and the global tobacco treaty (WHO FCTC), corporate accountability, and trade policy.

Recent media coverage:

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