A crowd of activists and councilmembers gathers in Baltimore to call for the passage of the Water Accountability and Equity Act.
Reports January 27, 2020

This report provides case studies that illustrate how cities across the country have addressed the common challenges that our water and wastewater systems face without turning to the private water industry’s false solutions.

ReportsFactsheets December 6, 2019

Varias de las empresas españolas más contaminantes y asociadas a numerosos conflictos socioambientales en todo el mundo están patrocinando la ...

Smoke stacks and pollution, creative commons
ReportsFactsheets December 6, 2019

Here are the Big Polluters and corporations heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry that are bankrolling the climate talks.

Illustration of woman organizer, holding a mega phone and a clipboard, about to walk down a path to victory.
Reports November 15, 2019

Your support is helping spur deep, transformative change. Read more about what you made possible this year with Corporate Accountability.

ReportsFactsheets December 5, 2018

This year’s climate talks slogan is “black to green,” which is appropriate given the dirty energy companies bankrolling it. While ...

For years, Big Polluters and their proxies like the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) have pushed hard to advance industry-driven schemes like carbon markets over true, just solutions to address the climate crisis.
Reports April 25, 2018

Le présent document décrit le contexte dans lequel l’IETA évolue et expose les dangers que son programme pose pour l’avenir de l’Accord de Paris. Ce document décrit également les mesures radicales que les gouvernements présents à la CCNUCC peuvent prendre immédiatement pour repousser l’influence des Grands Pollueurs et mettre en œuvre une politique climatique vraiment juste.