The front cover of Spotlight, Corporate Accountability’s newsletter.
Newsletters and special updates November 16, 2018

Articles include: Members of Congress call for public water in Lagos; Member Spotlight: Dr. Christine Runnels; You win huge victory for public health; You expose corporate capture of the UN climate treaty, and more...

October 10, 2018

Teachers unions and associations, organizations, and educators advocates call on Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald’s to end the exploitative ...

Corporate Accountability newsletter, Issue 2 2018
Newsletters and special updates August 17, 2018

Articles include: Victory for democratic control of water; Choosing hope; You expose Philip Morris' phony foundation; Member spotlight: Margaret Hornick, and more!

Longtime ally Rosa Perea helps her son and niece plant vegetables in a Chicago community garden. CREDIT: Staff
Factsheets March 27, 2018

We believe a more sustainable food system is both necessary and possible. Everyone should have access to healthy food, and food production should not come at the expense of our health, workers’ rights, animal welfare, or the environment. Our food campaign moves McDonald’s and other giant food corporations to end their abuses.

Reports April 11, 2017

The NRA's political agenda has harmful effects on our food system. Download the report to learn more.

Reports January 27, 2017

On Monday January 30th, more than 100 food and agriculture organizations representing more than 10 million people sent the following ...