Rachel Rose Jackson, Director: Climate Research & Policy, Corporate Accountability on the appointment of oil industry executive Sultan Al Jaber ...

For the U.N. plastics treaty to have the impact the world badly needs, we must keep corporations out of the negotiating room.

Declaração de Rachel Rose Jackson, Diretora: Pesquisa e Políticas Climáticas da Corporate Accountability Este declaração também está disponível em inglês ...

Veintisiete Conferencias de las Partes (COP). Veintisiete oportunidades para evitar una catástrofe climática. Veintisiete oportunidades para salvar millones de vidas. Veintisiete momentos que podrían haber alterado el curso de la historia.

Twenty seven COPs. Twenty seven chances to avert climate catastrophe. Twenty seven opportunities to save millions of lives. Twenty seven moments that could have altered the course of history. Yet as the clock winds down on this year’s climate talks, COP27 is looking set to deliver another global failure…unless world governments can muster resolve in the 11th hour that has eluded them to this point.

Multiple people at a rally holding signs that read Kick Big Polluters Out!

Corporate Accountability's Ashka Naik and Rachel Rose Jackson on the world's largest plastic polluter "sponsoring" COP27, the policy negotiations meant to address the global climate crisis.