We’re bringing together water justice campaigners from the U.S., Nigeria, and the rest of the globe for a summit on the human right to water. Add your name to support the global movement for water justice.

In my beloved city of Detroit, the human right to water is getting trampled. People are getting astronomical water bills—some as high as $2000. When they can’t pay, their water gets shut off—end of story. Not only do water shutoffs deprive people of water to drink, cook, and bathe—they lead to other horrific outcomes. Like the state taking away children and splitting up families. Or putting liens on homes, which can force people into foreclosure. Here’s what you can do about this outrageous injustice.

Join us this Giving Tuesday in solidarity with people organizing for water justice in Michigan.

Your courage, vision, and determination stand out brightly as I reflect back on all that has happened in 2018. This ...

Veronica Ivoke calls on government leaders to reject water privatization and pursue public solutions that protect Lagosians’ human right to water. Credit: ERA

Veronica Ivoke is a change-maker. Through her position as coordinator of AWWASHNET as well as through her work with ERA, she has played a leadership role in building grassroots power to protect water as a common good and advance the human right to water in Lagos. Motivated by the gross injustice of water privatization in Nigeria and beyond, she rises each morning to organize. And as she does, she helps accomplish victories with global ramifications. 

Deputy Executive Director Akinbode Oluwafemi of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, a Corporate Accountability board member, speaks at a massive rally for the human right to water in Lagos.

Public letter from members of Congress puts pressure on public officials to reject water privatization from the U.S. to Nigeria.