When corporations take control of public water systems, they put profit over people. Watch The Story of Water: Who Controls ...

Today, people from Flint are marching for justice and accountability in Michigan’s capital. Join with them in solidarity by making a gift to Flint Rising.

We joined more than 150 organizers in Abuja, Nigeria to develop plans to stop water privatization in Lagos, Nigeria and scale up the “Our Water, Our Right” campaign in Nigeria and beyond.

Trump’s nominee to head the Department of the Interior is a former oil and gas lobbyist with ties to abusive corporations like Nestlé. Tell your Senators to oppose his nomination!

We’re bringing together water justice campaigners from the U.S., Nigeria, and the rest of the globe for a summit on the human right to water. Add your name to support the global movement for water justice.

In my beloved city of Detroit, the human right to water is getting trampled. People are getting astronomical water bills—some as high as $2000. When they can’t pay, their water gets shut off—end of story. Not only do water shutoffs deprive people of water to drink, cook, and bathe—they lead to other horrific outcomes. Like the state taking away children and splitting up families. Or putting liens on homes, which can force people into foreclosure. Here’s what you can do about this outrageous injustice.