Corporate Accountability organizer exposes Veolia's abuses at protest.

Why Veolia, the world’s largest private water corporation, deserves your vote in the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Voting is now open in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame! Take the first step toward holding some of the most abusive corporations accountable for profiting at the expense of people’s lives: vote for the most abusive corporation!

The U.S. government, at the behest of the infant formula industry, bullied governments into weakening safeguards that protect mothers and newborns. Stand with us as we continue a 40 year legacy of challenging corporate abuse.

Akinbode Oluwafeme at a rally for Our Water, Our Right coalition.

Transnational water privatizers want to profit from our need for clean, safe water in Lagos. Here’s how you can help ERA and Corporate Accountability protect the human right to water.

In Lagos, Nigeria, massive corporations like Veolia are trying to control our water systems. If they succeed, it could have huge consequences for millions of people in Lagos, as well as the rest of Africa and the wider world.

Water is one of our most essential resources. But across the globe, corporations are vying to gain control of and commodify this basic human right. And Lagos, Nigeria, a city of more than 20 million people, is the epicenter of the movement challenging water profiteers and demanding public water.