A section of "the Roadmap for Reparations" graphic by Paloma Rae: two directional markers pointing in different directions -- showing the racist history of Wells Fargo and the movement for reparations.

It’s time for those who profited from the suffering of black people to pay reparations, including Wells Fargo.

Understanding all facets of White Racism and anti-Blackness is critical to address the harms the U.S. has enacted on Black communities and to advance the cause for reparations.

Organizers at the UNFCCC climate negotiations holding signs.

Une conversation avec Daniel Dorado et Rachel Rose Jackson Ce blog est disponible en espagnol et en anglais. Alors que ...

People protest against the fossil fuel industry at recent climate negotiations.

Una conversación con Daniel Dorado y Rachel Rose Jackson Este blog se encuentra disponible en Inglés y Francés. Mientras el ...

Organizers at the UNFCCC climate negotiations holding signs.

The public health crisis spurred by the tobacco epidemic and the climate crisis are linked principally to the death of millions of people a year. Both contribute to trillions of dollars in damage annually, threaten the viability of entire nations, devastate the environment, harm communities, and exacerbate inequalities.

Smoke rising against a black background

The control of one pandemic should not come at the expense of another. Big Tobacco has no place in public health ventures!