With the support of people like you from around the world, 180+ countries at the U.N. just took bold, precedent-setting steps forward to kick Big Tobacco out of public health policy -- and pave the way to make the industry pay for its abuses worldwide. Read more.

October 1, 2018

Right now, governments are gathering for this year’s global tobacco treaty negotiations. I’m on the ground with a team organizing to keep Big Tobacco from undermining public health protections. Will you have our backs?

Corporate Hall of Shame nominee Philip Morris International

A woman undergoes 35 rounds of radiation after finding a growth inside her mouth, and loses all of her teeth. ...

Voting is now open in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame! Take the first step toward holding some of the most abusive corporations accountable for profiting at the expense of people’s lives: vote for the most abusive corporation!

In the coming weeks, we'll be organizing around the shareholders’ meetings of corporations like ExxonMobil, and McDonald’s. We need your support to make sure we have the strongest presence possible.

Cigarette smoke

A new foundation launched by one of the world’s largest tobacco corporations, Philip Morris International, claims to want to create a “smoke-free world.” Yeah, we don’t believe it either.