We’re standing shoulder to shoulder with our climate justice allies from around the world to challenge the Big Polluters stymieing progress and the Global North governments doing their bidding. Check back here for regular updates from the climate talks in Bonn, Germany, where our organizers are on the ground.

Corporate accountability rally for just democracy

In order to build a world where every person has the opportunity to reach their full human potential, we must see ourselves as actors and agents in a democracy we can shape. Join us in forging our way toward a new and truly just democracy.

You can help build the movement to hold the fossil fuel industry liable for its decades of deception. Call your attorney general today.

Exxon’s known for half a century that burning fossil fuels could fuel disastrous climate change. And instead of shifting course, it invested in climate denial, deception, and obstruction -- which continue to this day. Urge your state attorney general to investigate Exxon’s climate deception -- an essential first step toward implementing the just climate solutions we need.

Private prisons

The GEO Group’s egregious track record –from exploiting captive labor to failing to respond to people’s medical needs make it a natural fit for the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Tax forms and cash

As this tax season comes to a close, it’s clear that corporations and the ultra-wealthy were the ones that made out the best under the Trump Administration’s 2017 tax cut. And that’s not surprising, given the enormous pressure they put on our elected officials to pass it. It’s time to hold corporations accountable for rigging the system.