Executive Director Patti Lynn speaks to Corporate Accountability’s commitment to infusing international treaty negotiations with our radical imagination.

For the fourth year in a row, you inducted Koch Industries into the Corporate Hall of Shame. Now, take action to demand the corporation stop funding junk science to spread doubt about the climate crisis.

Kelly Knight Craft hugging Donald Trump.

Trump's nominee for ambassador to the U.N. has deep ties to the coal industry. We deserve an ambassador who will represent people, not Big Polluters. Especially at the U.N., where there is real and urgent need to address the climate crisis. Take action!

We’re standing shoulder to shoulder with our climate justice allies from around the world to challenge the Big Polluters stymieing progress and the Global North governments doing their bidding. Check back here for regular updates from the climate talks in Bonn, Germany, where our organizers are on the ground.

Here’s the scoop:  Over the weekend, and continuing today, obstructionist governments doing Big Polluters’ bidding have been ramping up their ...

Corporate accountability rally for just democracy

In order to build a world where every person has the opportunity to reach their full human potential, we must see ourselves as actors and agents in a democracy we can shape. Join us in forging our way toward a new and truly just democracy.