In Lagos, Nigeria, massive corporations like Veolia are trying to control our water systems. If they succeed, it could have huge consequences for millions of people in Lagos, as well as the rest of Africa and the wider world.

Our team— pictured here at the 2016 U.N. climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco— dares to demand just climate policy free of Big Polluters' influence.

When we choose hope over despair, we make necessary breakthroughs. When we choose hope despite fear, we act with courage and creativity.

In the coming weeks, we'll be organizing around the shareholders’ meetings of corporations like ExxonMobil, and McDonald’s. We need your support to make sure we have the strongest presence possible.

The Senate is voting this week on whether to restore a fair and open internet. Urge the Senate to overturn the FCC’s rule and restore net neutrality.

Kick Big Polluters Out!

As our organizers head to the climate talks, we need to ensure the European Union stands with people, not polluters. Act now to advance real climate solutions!

Protect our rights online

Corporations can control what you see on the internet. Urge your mayor to protect a fair and open internet.