Sayre Sheldon
Member spotlight September 12, 2021

Sayre is a human rights activist, philanthropic partner, and longtime supporter of Corporate Accountability.

Jessie Bluedorn corporate accountability member and activist
Member spotlight November 6, 2019

Member and activist Jessie Bluedorn on what motivates her about Corporate Accountability's climate work.

Catherine Jampel, member of Corporate Accountability.
Member spotlight March 11, 2019

Member Catherine Jampel speaks about how supporting Corporate Accountability allows her to live out the Jewish values of “repairing the world."

Dr. Christine Runnels
Member spotlight November 16, 2018

Dr. Christine Runnels is a surgical specialist and a social and environmental justice activist. Read about how she increases awareness in her network.

Member spotlight November 9, 2018

Molly Stranahan is the founder of the Path to Happiness and a happiness advocate. More on how giving to Corporate Accountability activates Molly’s “happiness radar” and how she sees financial giving as a counteraction to fear.

Member spotlight November 9, 2018

Amelie Ratliff is a community and donor activist based in Boston. Read more about her inspiring house parties and how her perspective as a citizen of the globe has informed her donor activism.