Donald Trump’s proposed budget is a disgrace. To pay for his tax scam, which benefits corporations and the wealthy few, he wants to gut critical services millions of people rely on every day. Let’s make sure this brutal budget doesn’t become law.

Corporate Accountability’s International Policy Director Tamar Lawrence-Samuel and Walter Schuldt, chief U.N. negotiator for Ecuador and head of the G77, strategize at the 2016 U.N. climate negotiations.

Disempowering myths about social change are everywhere. We must counter them by demonstrating the empowering truth of how social change really happens.

Broken cigarett

Right now, we have the best shot to remove Big Tobacco’s deadly influence from the United Nations. Take action right now and urge the International Labour Organization to cut ties with tobacco corporations.

Whose tips? Our tips!

Despite our opposition, Trump’s Department of Labor has officially proposed a rule that would let corporations steal workers’ tips. Tell Congress to reject this unjust rule.

Patti Lynn organizing for the global tobacco treaty in 2004
February 14, 2018

Behind the candy hearts and commercial hype of Valentines Day’s a fundamental truth: We thrive in relationships. That’s how we make real, long-term change.

Capitol Hill

The Trump administration just released an infrastructure plan that could open the floodgates for corporations to privatize the public systems we all rely upon, like our water systems. Tell your member of Congress to reject the Trump infrastructure plan.