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This is the English version of the executive summary of the full Spanish report, which dives into the impact of ...

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La industria tabacalera y el impacto de la publicidad de los productos de tabaco y sus derivados en las zonas aledañas a los centros de formación educativa y otros lugares de interés para los niños, niñas y adolescentes: Caso de estudio en 5 departamentos del territorio Colombiano.

Smoke rising against a black background

The control of one pandemic should not come at the expense of another. Big Tobacco has no place in public health ventures!

Original article by Colman Herman in CommonWealth.   Editor’s note: The Globe on Monday April 4 shared emails and text messages with ...

Sociedad civil pide equidad, transparencia y rendición de cuentas durante las audiencias públicas GINEBRA, SUIZA—Se están llevando a cabo audiencias ...

More than 60 organizations signed this statement of support for the WHO’s decision to put on hold Medicago’s (Medicago Inc.) request for prequalification for emergency distribution of Covifenz, in light of the significant ownership by Philip Morris International (PMI).

Original article by Corinne Gretler appeared on Bloomberg.   Medicago Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine is poised to become the first western ...

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Keeping corporations out of the global tobacco treaty is helping to save lives. More on what we learned from the organizing that got us there.

Corporate Accountability demands that WHO protect public health policymaking from the private sector and all associated entities.

From pushing back against water privatization in Africa to exposing the racist roots of Big Tobacco, learn more about what you made possible.

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