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We partnered with Anna Lappé, sustainable food advocate and author of Diet for a Hot Planet, to create Food MythBusters. Through videos, digital organizing, and media coverage, this initiative has reached over 7 million people and debunked some deep-seated myths about our food system.

In 2011 and 2012, Corporate Accountability International played a key role in advancing a resolution at McDonald’s Shareholders’ Meeting. The ...

The organization is shifting the public climate around kid-focused junk-food marketing. In response, the fast food industry has made a wide range of changes to kids’ meals and kid-focused promotions.

Health professionals engaged directly in the largest preventable health crisis facing this country demand that McDonald’s stops marketing junk food ...

At the 2011 McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting, the organization worked with allies to advance a resolution calling on the burger giant to document ...

In 2010, San Francisco passed a groundbreaking ordinance requiring kids’ meals with toy giveaways meet basic nutritional standards. Dedicated grassroots organizing successfully countered McDonald’s financial and lobbying clout.

The public health community demands McDonald's retire Ronald McDonald.

To most children, Ronald McDonald is the very embodiment of McDonald’s. But Ronald McDonald is far from an innocent clown. Rather, as this stunning report reveals, the character is the product of a well-orchestrated and shrewd marketing strategy by America’s king of fast food. By connecting its corporate image to a fun-loving clown, McDonald’s gains a tremendous amount of positive public relations. And what better way to bypass parents and market directly to children than through a clown – the icon of circuses and children’s parties.