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This post was originally published on BeyondChron. This week, Los Angeles teachers made it very clear: it’s time for McDonald’s to ...

Organizers stand in front of McDonald's store with signs.

Families across the country are worried about McDonald’s, for more reasons than one. This year, families who are affected by McDonald’s practices are speaking up together as part of a Toxic Taters week of action.

From seed to plate our food system is broken -- and Corporate Accountability International leaders Sriram Madhusoodanan and Anna Lappé are making waves in their work to fix it.

Statue of Ronald McDonald sits on a bench outside of a McDonald's in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s no accident that McDonald’s sites its stores inside hospital doors. The corporation has gone to great lengths to co-opt hospitals and other health institutions to “health-wash” its brand.

Pokemon Go character stands in front of a McDonald's arches in virtual game.

The Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the globe. And corporations like McDonald’s look at children playing the game and see dollar signs.

While the changes McDonald’s announced today are a step in the right direction, they fall far short of what is ...

Victory! Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta has announced it will not renew its contract with McDonald’s, protecting patients from the junk food corporation that directly contributes to the spiraling rates of diet-related disease.

My name is Cathy Dreyfuss. I am a shareholder and have come from California to this meeting because I am ...

With nowhere left to run, McDonald’s tightens meeting; thousands demonstrate in downtown Chicago OAK BROOK, IL—If one thing is clear ...

My name is Sriram Madhusoodanan, Director of Value [the] Meal campaign at Corporate Accountability International. I speak on behalf of ...

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