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By Michelle Chen for the Nation. Privatization and deregulation could damage city water supplies and lead to pollution of our natural environment.

In a few days, President Trump will deliver the State of the Union address. One year into his presidency, corporate power run amok is devastating people’s lives. But you have the power to challenge corporate abuse and advance justice.

Eight years ago next week, the Supreme Court issued a decision on the notorious Citizens United case, opening the floodgates for corporate money to pour into our elections with devastating impacts on public policy, our democracy, and people’s lives.

Whose tips? Our tips!

People that work in restaurants, and other service jobs, rely on the tips they earn to make ends meet. But the Trump administration is trying to ram through a new rule that would allow corporations to control their workers’ tips. Stand with workers and oppose this rule.

We’re in this together, and it’s time to take action. It takes a movement to challenge the corporations that undermine our democracy, destroy our planet, and threaten our communities. Will you strengthen this movement in 2018?

Jean Hill was already 82 years old and a grandmother when she had a very big idea: Why not make her hometown of Concord, Massachusetts the first bottled-water-free town in the United States? The octogenarian hero of the bottled-water-free movement passed away in 2017.

Our generous members helped raise $112,107.75 during our year-end matching gift challenge. We reached our goal!

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