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Frances Moore Lappé, best-selling author, just released the 50th anniversary edition of “Diet for a Small Planet.”

Organizer at COP26 leads an action calling out Big Polluters' "net zero" schemes.

Learn more about the many campaign milestones that your support has made possible in the past few months.

Greedy corporations and the wealthy few who control them are raking in money and influence while the rest of us suffer. You can make a difference right now and every month to hold greedy corporations accountable.

Organizer at COP26 leads an action calling out Big Polluters' "net zero" schemes.

In the past few months, we pushed the fossil fuel industry’s deception to the forefront of the climate narrative.

Add your name and urge California Attorney General Bonta to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for climate fraud and damages now!

Exxon's plan to reach 'net zero' makes a mockery of the lives at stake, and is a reminder of why we must hold Big Polluters liable.

Take a look at the impact you have had over the last year, then read even more in our annual report.

Why we must expose corporate falsehoods and create new, compelling narratives grounded in truth in order to build a world where all people can thrive.

From pushing back against water privatization in Africa to exposing the racist roots of Big Tobacco, learn more about what you made possible.

Andy Bartholomew

We sat down with Andy Bartholomew, software engineer based in L.A., to chat about what brings him to the movement to stop corporate abuse.

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