December 12, 2019

They’re trying to sink the Paris Agreement. Act now to demand climate justice.

On Wednesday, hundreds of people were kicked out of the COP25 U.N. climate talks in Madrid while raising their voices in peaceful protest. Global North governments negotiating there showed they’d rather listen to Big Polluters than the voices of the people.

The people have successfully negotiated to be let back in. But the reason they gathered remains as urgent as ever: The climate talks are dangerously off track.

Global North governments like the EU, Canada, and Australia are siding with the U.S. and Big Polluters to advance an agenda that would effectively sink the Paris Agreement.

The science is clear: The Paris Agreement was already too weak. We need real emissions reductions. Now. We need financing for loss and damage for the people on the front lines of the climate crisis, who’ve done the least to cause it. Now. And we are simply out of time for industry schemes and half-measures.

Our team is inside the talks, organizing shoulder to shoulder with our allies on the front lines of the climate crisis — indigenous leaders, people from the Global South, youth, women and gender nonconforming folks — to demand real solutions.

The EU, Canada, and Australia can stop siding with the U.S. Developing countries can stand up to them. But they urgently need to hear from you.


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English version:
I stand w/ the 100s kicked out of #COP25 Wednesday, & echo the call: Developing gov’ts, be strong against bullies like EU/Can/Aus siding with U.S. & Big Polluters, & demand: YES real solutions. NO schemes like carbon markets. YES $$ for loss & damage. #PollutersOut #COP25Madrid

Spanish version:
Levanto mi voz junto 100s expulsados de #COP25, y hago eco llamado: países en desarrollo, sean fuertes contra presiones de UE/CAN/AUS junto EEUU/grandes contaminadores, y exijo: SI soluciones reales. NO mercados de carbono. SÍ $$ pérdidas y daños. #COP25Madrid

French version:
Je me tiens avec les 100s expulsés de #COP25, et je fais écho: les gouv’s en développement, être forts contre EU/CAN/AUS se rangeant auprès des États-Unis et les grands pollueurs, et exiger: OUI- vraies solutions. NON- marchés du carbone. OUI- $$ pour les pertes et dommages.

For more on the agenda these governments are pushing at COP25, check out this blog post.