December 4, 2019

Tell the EU: Side with
people, not Big Polluters!

The global climate treaty talks in Madrid should advance climate justice, not polluters’ profits. But Big Polluters and their mouthpieces like the International Emissions Trading Association are pulling out all the stops to push forward market-based schemes that fail to reduce emissions—but let polluters keep polluting. And governments like the EU are siding with them.

Government delegates gathered in Madrid—and especially those like the EU that claim to be “climate champions”—need to know that people around the world are watching them. Together, we’re demanding real climate solutions, not industry schemes.

Tweet now to tell the EU: Time to side with people, not polluters!

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To: @EU_Commission, @EUClimateAction, @EU_ENV. Side with people, not polluters, at #COP25. Time to say #NoMarkets & no industry-driven schemes, YES to protecting human rights and advancing real, people-centered climate solutions at the U.N. climate talks. #PollutersOut