May 29, 2020

Make 2020 the

In the last few years, tobacco corporations like Philip Morris International (PMI) have rolled out new electronic tobacco devices with misleading health claims. And they’re using multi-billion dollar public relations and marketing schemes to peddle these products and hook a whole new generation to tobacco and nicotine.

 Advertising near schools. Giving away free product samples. Setting up scholarship funds. Using social media influencers in marketing campaigns. Today, Big Tobacco continues to systematically and aggressively target young people and entice them into picking up “smoke-free” products like e-cigarettes.

 You brought this message straight to the executives of these massive tobacco corporations several weeks ago, during the virtual PMI shareholders’ meeting. With the support of more than ten thousand people — like you — who took action and demanded government officials from around the world make PMI pay for its abuses, we were able to speak truth to power and call out Big Tobacco’s manipulation and deception.

 In recognition of World No Tobacco Day (May 31), you can do even more to undermine Big Tobacco’s deadly marketing of its products to young people. Join us and the World Health Organization (WHO) in debunking the myths and exposing the devious tactics Big Tobacco relies on to continue turning a profit at the expense of the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide.

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8 million people will die this year from tobacco-related diseases. And in the midst of a global respiratory pandemic, governments should finally make 2020 the #YearOfNoTobacco. #WorldNoTobaccoDay @pahowho @FCAforTC @FCTCofficial @TobaccoFreeKids @stopcorpabuse

On #WorldNoTobaccoDay, I’m speaking out against #BigTobacco to protect a new generation from being addicted to tobacco and nicotine. It’s time to make 2020 the #YearOfNoTobacco. @pahowho@FCAforTC@FCTCofficial@TobaccoFreeKids @stopcorpabuse

Smoking increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease. Don’t be fooled by #BigTobacco: “smoke-free” does NOT mean harm free!
It’s time to protect future generations and make this the #YearOfNoTobacco.
@pahowho @FCAforTC @FCTCofficial @TobaccoFreeKids @stopcorpabuse